Discover how to transform the colors of images and patterns to perfectly align with your design projects! This step-by-step tutorial will teach you how to adjust hue and saturation on, enabling you to:

  1. Enhance Brand Consistency: Easily adjust the colors of design elements to match your brand’s color palette, ensuring a uniform and professional look across all marketing materials.
  2. Increase Design Flexibility: Modify the colors of stock images or patterns to fit the aesthetic of your current project without the need for multiple assets.
  3. Boost Creativity: Experiment with different color schemes quickly and effortlessly, allowing for creative exploration and innovation in your designs.
  4. Save Time and Resources: Reduce the time spent searching for the perfect colored assets by adjusting what you already have, increasing overall productivity.
  5. Add Personalization: Tailor visuals specifically to client preferences or project requirements, adding a personalized touch that clients love.
  6. Improve Workflow Efficiency: Streamline your design process by mastering quick color adjustments, allowing for faster project turnaround.
  7. Expand Your Design Skills: Learn a valuable and widely applicable technique that adds a new level of expertise to your design capabilities, making you more versatile and marketable.

By mastering color adjustments with, you’ll be able to bring a more cohesive, creative, and professional quality to your designs, all while enhancing your productivity and skill set.


Unlock Custom Color Matching With My Hue/Saturation Adjustment Tutorial



You can follow along and learn to change the color of your pattern to match the exact hue of your project image by uploaded your pattern to 

Feel free to download one of the recent patterns that I uploaded to practice changing the hue/saturation to get the custom color you are looking for to match your design project. Recent patterns can be downloaded here from my Dropbox:

Set One: Brown Industrial Plaid Seamless Paper Packs V.1

Set Two: Brown Industrial Plaid Seamless Paper Packs V.2

If you don’t want to download from Dropbox you can download the zip files from my website here: Zip Files – Brown Industrial Plaid Seamless Paper Packs




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