Step into a world of quaint charm with the “Retro Kitsch Tea Time” Stationery Set, a nostalgic nod to afternoons filled with warm sips and sweet conversation. This set is brimming with the coziness of a well-steeped cup and the delight of a freshly penned letter.

What’s Percolating in the Set:

  • A5 Stationery Sheets: Just the right size for a quick catch-up or a thank you note to accompany a tea party favor.
  • Half-Page Stationery: For those newsy updates that deserve more than a text message but less than a novel.
  • Full-Page Stationery: Unleash your inner novelist or poet on these generously sized sheets, ideal for long, thoughtful musings.
  • Matching Envelopes: Give your messages a first-class ticket to their destinations with envelopes that match your tea time theme.
  • Envelope Seals: Add the final touch to your correspondence with a seal that says, “This message comes with warmth and care.”

All these items come as Free PDF downloads, giving you the convenience of printing as many as you need, whenever you need them.

Tea-riffic Ways to Brew Delight with Your Stationery Set:

  1. Tea Party Invites: Stir excitement for your next social gathering with invitations that are steeped in style.
  2. Recipe Cards: Share your secret scone recipe or that perfect chai blend on a beautiful backdrop.
  3. Poetry and Prose: Let the muse flow with verses or stories inspired by the tea-infused tranquility.
  4. Thank You Cards: Express gratitude for gifts, hospitality, or just because someone is as comforting as a cup of tea.
  5. Mindfulness Notes: Pen down your reflections and meditations during a quiet moment with your favorite brew.
  6. Book Club Correspondence: Discuss the latest read with your literary circle on pages that set the scene.
  7. Garden Party Menus: Outline the afternoon’s refreshments on stationery that complements the elegance of your event.
  8. Journal Pages: Document the everyday moments that are as soothing as a tea break.
  9. Letters to Elders: Bridge the generational gap with letters that your grandparents will treasure over their morning Earl Grey.
  10. Crafting Personal Planners: Print multiple sheets to create a weekly planner with a personal touch.

The “Retro Kitsch Tea Time” Stationery Set is your passport to preserving the art of personal correspondence. Each line you write is infused with the warmth of a tea hug, and every letter sent out carries the fragrance of nostalgia. Pour your heart out on paper and delight in the ritual of connecting through handwritten notes. 💌🫖✨

Steep your correspondence in charm with the ‘Retro Kitsch Tea Time’ Stationery Set, featuring A5, half, and full-page designs with matching envelopes and seals, all available as free PDF downloads. Perfect for tea enthusiasts and lovers of vintage flair, this set is ideal for invitations, thank-you notes, recipes, and heartfelt letters to friends, family, and pen pals. Infuse your writing with the warmth of a shared cup and the comfort of thoughtful words. Download and print for a personal touch to every message.


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Please download the PDF files for your stationery to print out the correct size. Images displayed here are for preview purposes only. All stationery is for personal use only.  

I use a coated paper to print my stationery off on to to bring out the vivid colors in the design. If you want your stationery to stand out you can purchase it here Epson S041062 Matte Presentation Paper, 27 lbs. Matte, 8-1/2 x 11  I highly recommend Canon PIXMA G5020 Wireless MegaTank Single Function SuperTank Printer | Mobile & Auto 2-Sided Printing this is the printer that I use and I print out a high volume of full page prints that are perfect every time. It comes with a year’s supply of ink for most people. If you are a business you will need to replenish every few months at a cost on average $32.00 for all 3 colors. The black ink that comes with the printer has lasted me almost 2 years.

You can use any weight from (USA) 20 lb. to 32 lb. I prefer 24 to 28 lb. but usually decide on whichever is cheaper at the time of purchase. In the UK 110gsm paper is preferred to print the stationery and envelopes. I still recommend using a photo coated paper for the best results.


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Retro Kitsch Tea Time A5 Stationery 

Personal Use 

Download Here: Retro Kitsch Tea Time A5-Stationery

Retro Kitsch Tea Time Half Page Stationery 

Personal Use 

Download Here: Retro Kitsch Tea Time Half-Page-Stationery Set-v

Retro Kitsch Tea Time Full Page Stationery 

Personal Use 

Download Here: Retro Kitsch Tea Time Full-Page-Stationery

Retro Kitsch Tea Time PDT Envelopes

Personal Use 

Download Here: Retro Kitsch Tea Time PDT Envelope

Retro Kitsch Tea Time Envelopes 

Personal Use 

Download Here: Retro Kitsch Tea Time Envelope

Retro Kitsch Tea Time Tag Inserts

Personal Use 

Download Here: Retro Kitsch Tea Time Tag Insert Set

Retro Kitsch Tea Time 2 Inch Envelope Seals 

Personal Use 

Download Here: Retro Kitsch Tea Time 2 Inch Label


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