XOXO Hugs + Kisses Love & Romance SVG DXF

XOXO Hugs + Kisses SVG & DXF Cut Files

Love & Romance SVG DXF

Download Zip File Here XOXO Hugs + Kisses SVG – DXF Zip File Personal Use Only

Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day just around the corner. I wanted to create a design that would work on multiple project surfaces.

  • t-shirts
  • night shirts
  • vases
  • mugs
  • pillows
  • wood signs

Valentine's Day SVG

I am a plus sized woman and make a lot of my own t-shirts since I’m not apt to find designs that I like in my size while shopping in the stores. You can resize the SVG or DXF design in your home cutting machine software to create a larger design for plus size shirts. Just remember to “group” your design when enlarging it so all layers are resized at the same time to retain the original design.

Wedding SVG DXF Files

Over the years I’ve accumulated a nice stash of wooden crates and boxes from garage sales and flea markets. These make the perfect blanks for vinyl stencil designs. Time permitting I plan to create a stencil and add it to a smaller wood box that holds mason jar vases. This will look absolutely priceless with red roses in the jars.


XOXO Hugs & Kisses Coffee Mug

My husband’s love for coffee is off the charts, so I plan to create a mug with this design on it along with a pan of brownies for Valentine’s Day. He has a habit of taking off with all my mugs and they rarely make it back home so I am constantly replenishing my supply. I’m sure his office at work is well stocked. Since this one is romantic it might just have a chance of staying here at the house. I wouldn’t bet my last dollar on it though!


Fonts Used In SVG Design:

Clipart Used in SVG Design:

  • Lips – Clipart by Shovy Rahman – commercial licensed via thenounproject.com

Photo Credits: 

  • Coffee Mug Mockup – Pexels.com Free for commercial use no attribution required
  • Roses – Pexels.com Free for commercial use no attribution required
  • Wood Box Mockup – Eamejia.com 
  • T-Shirt Mockup – Next Level (licensed via Creative Market)

Printable Unicorn Closet Divider Set

Printable Baby Unicorn Closet Divider Set

Free Printable PDF

Unicorn Closet Divider Printable


Print your own closet divider labels to help you organize your baby’s wardrobe with these adorable pastel nursery unicorn labels. These labels will fit on to 3.25″ x 3.25″ plastic closet dividers.

These labels are also ideal for:

  • Baby Shower Gifts
  • Extra Set For Grandma’s House (having spare clothing there will come in handy and be a true lifesaver when you forget to pack extra outfits in the diaper bag)
  • Using on portable clothing racks for garage sales (hanging outfits up on clothes racks according to sizes will help your sales)

Print the PDF files on to full size sticker paper and cut out by hand. There is a light grey cutting border to guide you where to cut.

PDF Sheets Contain These Labels:

  • Blank (fill in your own text)
  • Newborn
  • 3 Months
  • 6 Months
  • 9 Months
  • 12 Months
  • 18 Months
  • 24 Months
  • 2T
  • 3T
  • 4T
  • 5T

Download Printable PDF Files Here: (personal use only)
UnicornDividersSet1 Newborn-18 Months

UnicornDividersSet2 24 Months – 5T Bonus: One Blank

Download Zip File here: (personal use only)
Single Images Unicorn Closet Dividers
I have also included a zip file containing the single images if you wish to print your labels on to pre-cut blank labels purchased from OnlineLabels.com They offer different styles to choose from – matte – glossy – inkjet – laser printer. If you are unsure of which would work best for you and your printer they offer free samples so you can test out their product before placing an order. If requesting samples, remember to write down OL2486 for the closet label dividers. To request their free samples click here

  • They offer an online template wizard
  • upload closet divider images to template
  • save as pdf
  • print on to their labels OL2486
  • Click here for Blank Closet Divider Labels
  • Click here for Template Wizard They will send you a free activation code after your label purchase

Baby Unicorn Closet Divider Printables

These printables were created with licensed artwork by Peace_Shop via TheHungryJPEG website.

Tips For Cutting Closet Divider Labels:

  • Download and print out the PDF. Hand cut with sharp crafting scissors or use a craft knife or utility knife and cut along the grey border on the dividers.
  • Create Vinyl Lettering Without a Machine
  • Download individual images and import them in to your home cutting machine to create a print & cut sheet.




DIY December 25 Labels

December 25 Gift Labels

Retro Christmas Gift Tags – Commercial Use

Christmas Gift Labels
Retro Christmas Gift Tags – Companion For Buffalo Plaid Wrapping Paper

I like to create new gift labels each holiday to decorate my Christmas gifts. I wanted to try out the buffalo plaid wrapping paper that is all the craze this year. I love the “country cabin” look it has going for it.  When it came to creating labels I needed something that wouldn’t get lost in the wrapping paper design. There’s nothing worse than handing out gifts and not being able to quickly read the gift tag to know who it goes to!

This design was created with a retro red background with bold white text which compliments your holiday wrapping paper. The printable PDF sheet has tags in 2 sizes. The small labels measure approximately 2.5″H x 1.5″W and the large labels measure approximately 3″H x 1.75″W There are 12 gift tag labels per sheet. Print these off on to 8.5″ x 11″  sticker paper or card stock paper.

For Personal Use & Small Commercial Use (commercial use in tangible printed items) which you can sell online or at craft fairs.

Instant Download Here: Dec25TagSet



Prim Blessings Holiday Kraft Gift Tags

Prim Blessings Holiday Kraft Gift Tags

Free Printable Primitive Ice Skates

Some of my fondest winter memories are hanging out with the neighborhood kids down at Haupert’s Pond. I grew up in a small rural farming community and Haupert’s Pond was right next door to Chester Elementary School. Once winter arrived with blowing snow and cold temperatures all the kids would grab their ice skates, toboggans, sleds, and head off to the pond. The scenery was a sight to behold. Rolling hills with snow forts built by the boys, kids sliding down the hills on their sleds zipping past ice skaters, while dodging snowballs being tossed in every direction.

I never did learn how to ice skate. Probably due to the fact that I was a major klutz and my balancing skills on two feet left something to be desired, let alone on any type of skates.
I envy everyone who ice skates and could spend hours watching as they gracefully glide around on the ice. As for me, I’ll stick to decorating with ice skates during the holidays so I can keep my bones intact and not hop around on crutches for the duration of winter.

These tags measure approximately 3.5″H x 1.97″W. There are 10 tags per printable PDF Sheet. These print out with a primitive looking kraft background paper with black line art of a primitive ice skate and Prim Blessings word art.


Paper Ornaments
Gift Tags
Price Tags
Mason Jar Gift Tags
Christmas Cards

Download Here: 10pkPrimBlessingsHolidayTag
Personal Use Only

These tags were created with licensed art work by Spencerian Sisters via the complete license via TheyHungryJPEG.  This clipart was part of The Christmas Wonderland Bundle being offered until November 19, 2017

Lost & Found SVG Cutting File Free Download

Lost & Found SVG Cutting File

Clothespin SVG

Free Instant Download

The joy of raising a household of kids, hectic schedules, after school practices, sleepovers, study groups, etc. Among the hustle and bustle of every day life things get left behind, misplaced, among other unsolved mysteries never to be solved.

Organization is something we dream about as parents but hardly ever achieve before the kids graduate from college. Mom, I can’t find….(fill in the blank). My kids would go into their rooms with both shoes on their feet but by morning one shoe would just walk off on it’s own. Can anyone else relate? We all know the legend of the sock monster that eats socks but you never hear of the shoe monster!

I discovered over time that the only “safe room” in the house was the laundry room. I could stash all the “found” items in there that didn’t have a match, clothing left behind from friends, and the occasional lone shoe that lost it’s mate, etc. It’s nice to have one central location to put everything or they end back up in the “lost” category in my home. Among the chaos of every day life it’s hard to remember where I  put something. I created a lost & found canvas tote bag that I put everything in and it made my life so much simpler.

Lost and Found Sign SVG

You can use this SVG as a wall decal – storage box decal – laundry bag decal – wall art decal – bucket decal – tin can decal – go wild with your imagination and decorate til your heart’s content.

Download your free SVG here:
Lost & Found Sign Zip File

Lost & Found Sign SVG File

This SVG can be used for small commercial use (no mass production) as well as personal use

The zip file contains:
1 – 300 DPI Layered SVG File
1 – Folder of Single 300 DPI PNG files
1 – 300 DPI transparent PNG of sign for printing

This design was created with doodles from the Maggie Mae Fonts Duo via the TheHungryJPEG with commercial license & Belacu Font Typeface via TheHungryJPEG (free font) with commercial license. The preview image blackboard wall  mockup is by DreaminOfMockups via Etsy and the bag mockup is by StyledProductMockups via Etsy.



Snowman Poop Printable Treat Bag Topper Free Download

Snowman Poop Treat Toppers For Stocking Stuffers

These treat toppers are handy to have on hand for stocking stuffers, last minute gift giving ideas, Christmas parties, gift exchanges, and to add to gift baskets. Everyone loves snowman poop! I like having a stash around to top off my hot chocolate. How about you?

Snowman Poop Treat Topper Free Downlad

Each treat topper measures 6.5″W x 2.5″H when folded over. There are 2 toppers per PDF sheet. The toppers are decorated with a festive snowman wearing a teal and green wool scarf, his black top hat is adorned with holly berrries and hand stitched patches. Mr. Snowman is wearing a big grin while holding on to his very own to go cup of hot chocolate. Hope he drinks it fast so he doesn’t melt!

Download Free Snowman Poop Toppers Here: SnowmanPoopToppers
For Personal Use Only:

The snowman and ornaments clipart are commercially licensed clipart by Peace of Africa Designs available here: TheHungryJPEG If you wish to create your own toppers with the snowman and ornaments to sell you will need to purchase the clipart which comes with a commercial license.

If you design treat toppers for your own blog or sell them online and need a cellophane baggie mockup you can find one at my Etsy Shop Here: My Etsy Shop

Free Christmas Sign SVG

Wanted Jolly Men Bringing Gifts Sign

Free Christmas Sign SVG

Who’s with me here? Wanted Jolly Men Bringing Gifts! This sign will fit right in with all your Christmas decor this season. Create a stencil from the SVG and paint this design on to a wooden pallet sign. Add a wooden stake to it and you will have a yard sign that all your neighbors will envy. Place it strategically and your delivery drivers will get a laugh out of it and may even take a selfie of them delivering your package by your new sign! If your delivery driver dons a santa cap in that selfie I’d give him or her a bonus for Christmas!

This design will work on:

Wood Signs

Wall Decals

Front Door Decals

Throw Pillows

Window Decals

Yard Signs

Download your free SVG here:
Wanted Jolly Men Delivering Gifts Zip File

Wanted Jolly Men Delivering Gifts SVG File

BONUS SVG: See Image Below
Wanted Anyone Bringing Gifts Zip File

Wanted Anyone Bringing Gifts SVG File


Personal Use Only
This design was created with licensed artwork by yasminvisible
If you would like to use this design for commercial use you will need to purchase the license for the gift box clipart at: Gift box by yasminvisible

Preview image is an altered mockup licensed by : MockupCentral

Silhouette Cameo Print & Cut Mrs. Claus Christmas Cookie Crumbs Package Topper with Insert

DIY Stocking Stuffers

Free Print & Cut File for the Silhouette Cameo

Funny Mrs. Claus’ Bakery Cookie Crumbs!

I love to bake during the Holidays and give home baked treats to my friends and family. Wait for it!!! Here comes the bad news….it seems every year half the people on my list are on a DIET and aren’t able to eat my sweet gifts! Argh! While I’m all for counting calories and keeping that girlish figure ( for those that have that willpower and determination..which excludes me) …it’s the HOLIDAYS! Can’t you cheat just a little? No? Okay, problem solved. I have found a way to still share my sweet treats and I added a tad bit of humor along the way. As an added bonus I have found a good use for all the cookie crumbs that were just disposed of in past years.

I had an excess stock of 3″W x 4″H zipper top treat baggies so I created the print and cut to fit that size. More bang for my buck that way too. I confess I got a little carried away making these and may have to make new “dieting” friends this year!

If you are just a beginner with your new Silhouette machine or a seasoned professional you will love how fast and easy these are to whip out on your machine!

Free Silhouette Cameo Print and Cut File

Mrs. Claus’ Bakery Cookie Crumbs
Instructions: Infuse your coffee with a light dusting of crumbs for a guilt-free holiday treat! Less than “3” calories per pinch! Diet Approved!!! 25 Servings per pkg.


I apologize ahead of time for the image below. I took the photo with my cell phone and the lighting is horrible today because it is dark and raining here.  I wanted to post a picture of what the cookie crumbs look like. My grandson loves this and offered to eat the crumbs for me. He’s such a trooper!

P.S. I was in such a hurry to print and cut these I forgot to double check my measurements for the insert. Remember that old saying “measure twice…cut once”? Long story short, I needed to trim a little off the sides to get the insert to fit. No worries though, I fixed it in the Studio file so you won’t have to do any “trimming”.

I didn’t want ink from the printer to get on to the cookie crumbs so I decided it was best to place the insert so that the wording is facing the back of the packet.

These are the perfect gift to make for coworkers, neighbors, club members, etc. when you want to give a little something but are on a tight budget.

Now that I’ve had time to think about it, I like the idea of using my “overstock” of these to hand out to my customers at the Christmas Craft Show. I can add my website info on the back flap of the topper and use it as free advertising. What do you think?

I saved this print and cut file in V2 and V3 and it is available to download for free below:


Mrs. Claus Bakery Studio File

Mrs. Claus Bakery Studio3 File

Mrs. Claus Bakery Zip File


This design was created with commercially licensed artwork by Aleksandr Vecor ,  Alena Artemova, & Marish

Fonts used in this design are:

Mrs. Claus’ – Asmila Font

Bakery – Barbaro

Cookie Crumbs – Milk & Cookies Font

Instructions – Maggie Mae

Merry Christmas Word Art – Peace_Shop & also in Christmas Bundle Here: Christmas Wonderland Bundle




Christmas Woodland Polar Bear Mason Jar Toppers

Free Download – Christmas Mason Jar Toppers

Mason Jar Labels

Winter is just around the corner and I have been designing woodland Christmas labels & stickers to decorate my mason jar lids and tin containers for gifts this year. This design is created with watercolor pine cones, poinsettias, and pip berries with an adorable polar bear cub centered by all the festive holiday floral decor.

Free download – (1) 8.5″W x 11″H Printable PDF Sheet with (12) 2.5″ toppers.

Download Free Printable PDF Here: 2.5PolarBearCupcakeToppers

Personal Use Only

These digital printables were created with commercial use artwork by: lokko studio – JuliaS Art – whiteheartdesign – via TheHungryJPEG  All artwork used in this design is available in  The Christmas Wonderland Bundle

Fall Banner Layered SVG Cut File

Autumn Home Decor Layered SVG Cut File

Layered SVG Fall Banner

Download SVG




Download Zip File Here: Download Fall Banner SVG Zip File
Free Download – Commercial Use

This design was created with commercial licensed font Camica via TheHungryJPEG

Fall has finally arrived and it’s time to decorate! I created this new design while I was in Photoshop learning how to warp my banner shapes. I really like the curved top edges and decided to keep my final output and share it here.

If you have Photoshop and want to warp an image here is a step by step guide on how to create this effect.

  • select item (marching ants)
  • select edit
  • select transform
  • select warp
  • move the points around to create your preferred warp and save your project

I plan on adding to this in the future with the wording WELCOME and some leaves or branches to add some flair. It’s getting late at night here and it’s almost my bed time so I will have to pursue this next phase in my project another day.

I hope you enjoy this free file and would love to see what you create with it!