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  • Garage Sale Banner Printables DIY

    Free Printable Garage Sale Banner


    This banner design is created with a gorgeous modern yellow, grey and white floral design. The outlines around the white circles are decorated with a grey glitter background that separates the white from the patterned background. The lettering on the garage sale banner is done in a black glitter. View the full size PDF for the fine details of this design. These print out extra sharp on white card stock paper. Each banner piece measures approximately 8″ H x 5″ W. Select “actual size” when printing your PDF. Each 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet of cardstock has two banner pieces per page.

    Bonus: Blank Banner Pieces

    You can use these for spacers between the words and add your very own die cut embellishments to them for decorations or create a unique banner with your own cut out letters. Because this design has white in the background there is a grey cutting border for you to use as a cutting line which makes them quick and simple to cut out.  You can hang this banner a couple different ways. Some people prefer to staple the pieces to ribbon and string the banner up that way. I prefer to use a hole punch on each top corner and string the banner up with twine that way I can space the letters for different size spaces (putting the banner up in a different spot) this way I can re-use my banner for my next garage sale.

    This design was created with licensed artwork by: ValerianeDigital

    This banner set is for Personal Use Only

    To Download This Garage Sale Banner Printable Please Open The PDF Links Below

    Blank Banners

    Letters G-A

    Letters R-A

    Letters G-E

    Letters S-A

    Letters L-E

    Tip for hanging your banner: These banners also work as barriers to keep people from parking on your lawn. Purchase a couple 3 foot long dowel rods (available at craft stores and hardware stores) to stake in to your lawn and string the banner up between the two rods. It not only grabs the attention of people driving by but it is also a barrier keeping them from driving on to your lawn. Prettiest barrier in town!  These are ideal for when there are town wide garage sales. It helps your customers locate your sale easily since they are eye catching and much larger than your average garage sale signs. You can weatherproof your banner by laminating them yourself or taking the pieces in to an office supply store that can laminate them for you.








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  • Happy Mother’s Day Gift Box – DIY

    Free Printable Mother’s Day PDF

    Printable Mother’s Day Watercolor Gift Box:

    This design is created with pastel watercolor flowers and word art. The box background is on white so there are light grey folding guide lines printed on the box. Once folded the lines do not show. The white background brings out the pastel colors that make this gift box absolutely stunning. These DIY boxes would also be ideal for gifting handmade jewelry.

    Quick and easy to cut out and fold on the fold lines – measures approximately 3 1/2″H x 3″W x 1 1/2″D  Fill with homemade candy, brownies, or small cookies. This is a nice sized box that many small but precious gifts will fit in it. Print on to white card stock paper.

    Cut the box shape out using scissors and then fold on the fold lines that are printed on the box. I was able to print, cut, and fold this box in under 2 minutes. I used double sided tape on the inside flap. That is the only place it needs adhered.

    Credits: The watercolor flowers are a licensed clipart by Lolly’s Lane Shoppe purchased at TheHungryJPEG

    To Download the printable PDF click here: Mother’s Day Gift Box PDF

    To Download transparent PNG click here: Mother’s Day Gift Box PNG

    Personal Use Only


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  • Vintage Gift Tags CU Ok

    Free Printable Vintage Hang Tags

    This set of 6 Vintage Gift Tags measure approximately 2 1/2″W x 4 1/2″ H. Available as a printable PDF. Commercial Use Ok

    Please alter this set of tags with your own designs if you plan to sell these in digital form. These tags print best when printed on to white card stock paper. Select “fit to page” when printing the PDF. Use a regular size hole punch to cut out the hang tag circle holes.

    Decorate with embellishments to create 3D tags. Glue dots and foam squares will lift your add-on designs and add a gorgeous flair to your tags.

    Download Printable PDF Here: TanTagSet2

  • Easter Printables
  • Cottage Chic Easter Rabbit Tags

    Easter Rabbit Die Shape

    This set of rabbit tags are available to download as single full size transparent PNG files in a zip file or as a printable PDF.

    The floral background design is licensed artwork by popstock at TheHungryJPEG (affiliate link)
    Each rabbit image has a kraft paper outline border around it.







    If you have a die cutting machine that has the print and cut feature you can cut out the rabbit shapes on to fabric transfer paper and iron on the rabbits to your napkins, tablecloth, etc. I plan to cut them out and use them as place holders for Easter Dinner. These are also very simple to cut out with scissors. I always do a test cut with scissors to make sure it’s quick and easy.

    To download the zip file of 8 single rabbit PNG files click here: Download Zip File
    These single images can be resized to fit your project needs.

    To download the printable PDF click here: Download PDF File
    This sheet has 8 rabbit tags that measure approximately 2 1/4″H x 3″W

    These images are for personal use only.


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  • Vintage Purple Flowers Torn Tags – Free Printable

    Vintage Flower Tags

    Set of 6 gorgeous vintage flower tags are ideal for Easter Baskets, Birthday Gifts, Scrapbooking, and Gift Tags. The soft hues of green and purple create a cottage chic look. This set is available for instant download in a 300 DPI PDF. They are best printed out on to heavy white card stock paper. They would look lovely with stamped word art displayed on them. It’s a great time to dig through your stash of scrapbooking stamps to find the perfect sayings for your new tags. I think I am going to create die cuts to place on them to give them a 3D effect. Butterflies are a favorite of mine and they would match these tags perfectly.

    The floral background design is licensed artwork by popstock at TheHungryJPEG (affiliate link) I created a burned edge around the tags using Photoshop to bring out the darker hues that add the vintage look to the tags.

    The torn paper edges used in this design are licensed brushes from SweetMadeInc I created a pattern from kraft paper and added it to the torn paper brush to give the tags some dimension.

    Download the printable PDF Here: VintageTornPurpleFlowerTags

    These tags are for personal use only.

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  • Free Birthday Beer – It’s The Thought That Counts

    Happy Birthday

    Let your friends and family know you were at least thinking of them on their birthday. This is a funny birthday message that let’s them know it’s the thought that counts. Even if you did get parched and drank their gift. After all, what are friends & family for? Right?

    free birthday beer

    Download Image Here:Birthday Greeting

    This design was created with licensed Laboratory Photoshop Styles from GraphicRiver at Envato Marketplace. The designer of this Photoshop Style is Survivor. This style comes in a kit of 8 different laboratory styles.  The font used was Impact.

    Resolution for this image is 72 DPI for websites. To save the image just right click on it and save it to your computer or click the download link so you will have it on hand when you want to send a greeting on a social network, through instant message, or email.

    This is an alternate design created with a dark rustic wood background. The beer can is peeking out through the liquid font Happy Birthday. I used the laboratory style to create the Happy Birthday and changed the color of the liquid to a beer color. It’s original color in the styles pack was a neon green. The new color I used was #d49832 This style is fun to work with but a little tricky when it comes to adding a background behind it since the top half of the style is semi transparent.

    Download Image Here:Birthday Greeting 2


    Transparent Happy Birthday 5×7

     The transparent image above is 300 DPI suitable for printing. It fits a 5×7 printable card. You can use this word art to create your own birthday greetings. CU ok

    Download the transparent image here:Happy Birthday

    Printable 5×7 Happy Birthday Card – 300 DPI PNG

    Sorry ’bout your gift… but I got THIRSTY!! PU only.

    Download 5×7 Birthday Card Here:Happy Birthday

    To create your own printable Birthday Card print out on to bright white card stock paper sold at most big box stores and hobby stores.

    If you would like to order a ready made card with envelope you can find it here at: Zazzle

  • Valentine's Day
  • Free Printable Valentine’s Day

    Watercolor LOVE Heart Printable

    This watercolour design measures 8.5″ W x 11″ H. You can choose to download the 300 DPI PDF file which can be resized up to 11″x 14″ or you can save the transparent PNG to create your own new design for tshirts, coffee mugs, pillows, cards, invites, etc. Small Commercial Use Ok. You will find the download links below the preview photo.

    Download Love Heart PDF Here: Love Heart PDF

    Download Transparent PNG Love Heart Here: Love Heart Transparent PNG

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  • Happy Valentine’s Day SVG Cutting File CU ok

    Free Valentine’s Day SVG

    This 300 DPI design can be resized to fit large or small craft projects. The possibilities are endless. I have been creating designs with glitter vinyl and this word art looks amazing in glitter. Who can resist glitter sparkles?! This is a handwritten font with rough edges that are supposed to there for the added effect.


    Happy Valentine's Day SVG
    Valentine SVG

    Download the SVG Here: Valentine’s Day SVG

    Design was created with Chamelia Script Font at: TheHungryJPEG/

    This design can be used for small Commercial Use on items that you create to sell. Credit is not required but appreciated.


    Preview photo above of word art on a vase filled with flowers. Look how this design turns an ordinary vase in to a work of art. I have depleted my stash of vases, wood boxes, boards, etc. that I collect all year long at garage sales. It’s been a long winter here in Indiana waiting out the cold weather and hoping for a quick warm up so the outdoor sales start back up. I think we are going to have an early spring this year regardless of what the groundhog claims which means an early garage sale season. Think positive!

    Photo Credit:Copyright: svl861 / 123RF Stock Photo

  • Shabby Chic Gift Boxes
  • Shabby Chic Printable Valentine Boxes

    DIY Printable Valentine Gift Boxes

    These Valentine gift boxes have a shabby chic background with a distressed heart under the handwritten script Happy Valentine’s Day.  Quick and easy to cut out and fold on the fold lines – measures approximately 3 1/2″H x 3″W x 1 1/2″D  Fill with homemade candy, brownies, or small cookies. This is a nice sized box that many small but precious gifts will fit in it. Print on to white card stock paper.

    Cut the box shape out using scissors and then fold on the fold lines that are printed on the box. I was able to print, cut, and fold this box in under 2 minutes. I used double sided tape on the inside flap. That is the only place it needs adhered.


    The gift box template is licensed by QuitePossiblyPerfect at Etsy

    Valentine Word Art Quote is licensed through TheHungryJPEG artwork by: Zira Zulu

    Shabby Chic Papers can be found here: TheHungryJPEG artwork by: popstock

    Download Free Printable PDF Here: Shabby Chic Valentine Box 3

    Download Free Printable PDF Here: ShabbyChicFlowerBox2

    Download Free Printable PDF Here: Shabby Chic Valentine Box 1

    These will be cherished by anyone you gift them to. Imagine the smiles you will get when handing them out at the nursing home, to coworkers, friends, etc. I am going to slip some snack cakes in to a couple dozen of these gift boxes and hand them out this year. Share the love.

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  • Funny Mushroom Hunting Joke

    Download Printable PDF: Mushroom Hunting Permit

    Mushroom Hunting Prank

    There’s nothing worse during mushroom season than someone spotting your vehicle parked beside the road and they figure that must be the golden spot to hunt. Before you know it,  there are a half dozen carloads of hunters invading your favorite hunting location. Print this out on to white card stock. Slip this phony parking permit on your rear view mirror or slip it under your windshield wipers to elude the “would be” invaders away from your spot. It will leave them worried their car will be towed for parking there without a permit. Each permit measures approximately 7″H x 4″W when printed. If your best friend is a tow truck driver bring him along on your next hunt and have him bring his tow truck for “added effect” and a ton of laughs.  These are faux permits and for entertainment purposes only.

    This design was created with licensed artwork by:  Robert A. Di Ieso

    Choose alternate colors below:

    Download Printable PDF: Blue Permit

    Download Printable PDF: Green Permit

    Download Printable PDF: Kraft Permit

    Download Printable PDF: Grey Permit

    Download Printable PDF: Pink Permit

    Download Printable PDF: Yellow Permit

    If you have a funny story to share after using these printable permits please drop us a comment below and share your story!