ice fishing freezer labels

Catch Of The Day Printable Labels

Set of 6 Labels: Each Label Has A Different Design – Printable PDF is available as an instant download.

Download Here: 6pkIceFishingLabels

Ice Fishing is a rite of passage where I live. I’ve been able to look out my kitchen window and see a half a dozen men, women and their children out on the lake fishing for the past couple of months. We’ve had a warm spell this week so the ice is really too thin right now but you can rest assured that a cold spell will blow in and the ice will thicken back up on the lake. I know there are anxious people waiting to get back out on the ice. Our lake is filled with catfish, perch, bluegill, and bass.

Everyone I know freezes their excess catch of the day so I created these labels in honor of all the fish that wouldn’t fit in the skillet. There’s extra room on the labels at the bottom to jot down a little fishing story if you like. A nice reminder of the fishing trip when you pull out a package of frozen fish for dinner.


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