hot flash meme

Funny Hot Flash Meme

I wake up way too early these days, brought out of a sound sleep by a sudden burst of heat that makes my entire body want to burst into flames. Although it appears suddenly out of by no means ends in a “flash” which got me to pondering about the term “hot flash”. When I think of the word flash, I think of a lightning strike that is super fast and gone in an instant. I’ve had that phantom flash of pain that occurs for no reason at all and then “poof” it’s gone. I think “hot flash” should move over and be replaced with “menopause meltdown”…what do you think?

In my conclusion, I’m going to guess it was a man that coined the phrase hot flash. Could possibly be an innocent woman who has yet to experience her body turning into a volcanic heat source creating an explosive atmosphere for her and anyone within her range.

My husband wishes they were flashes. We have an on going battle of what the temperature inside the house should be. In the summer time I tend to keep the air conditioner set to “artic” most days. In the winter I’m always trying to cool the house off by opening the doors and windows. Crazy you say? We have a fireplace that heats the house and my dear loving husband can get the temps inside to a sweltering 95 degrees…add a menopause meltdown to the mix and it gets a little crazy here. I was sitting here last night checking my emails and I had a cold spell hit me and mentioned I was freezing to my husband. The look he gave me was priceless! He said, “Welcome to reality” honey. I think maybe there should be a support group for husbands supporting their wives through menopausal times. Nah, Just kidding!


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