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Did Someone Say Walk? Free SVG

This design is perfect for anyone taking their dog out for a walk. Add a little humor to your every day routine of dog walking. If you walk dogs for a living add your contact information to the design for advertising on a tshirt while you are out walking your favorite dogs. This design would also look fabulous on a board with hooks to hang the dog leashes from. So many possibilities!

I remember begging my mom for a puppy when I was young and one of the stipulations that came with getting a puppy was the promise to walk the dog! That is where I got the inspiration to put this SVG design on kids t-shirts.

A lot of people volunteer to walk the dogs at their local animal shelter too and this would be the perfect shirt to wear while doing so.

This is one of my favorite t-shirts to wear while walking our dogs at the local Dog Park. Everyone loves it and wants one! You can cut out your htv vinyl or decal vinyl in different colors to create a different and unique look.

This design was created with licensed artwork by: Kimberlin Ferreira Rochedo &  Denora Daujatas


Download Free SVG Cutting File Here: Did Someone Say Walk? – Personal Use Only

If you would like to use this design for Commercial Use you would need to obtain the individual commercial-use licenses for the paw and the leash for $3.98. Just drop me a line in the comment section below and I will send you the link for where to purchase the CU Licenses.

Preview Image Credit: Copyright: eriklam / 123RF Stock Photo Preview Image Mockup By Freeman Studio via CreativeMarket

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