Country Farmhouse SVG Cutting File

Farm Fresh Milk & Dairy SVG Cutting File

300 DPI SVG File – Resizable to fit your project. Nothing goes better in a country kitchen than cow decor. My husband teases me that he’s going to have to build a barn if I bring home one more cow. I have a lot of signs, pillows, figurines, etc. but was lacking items in my kitchen decorated with cows. Now I have something for my counters and table. I am going on a treasure hunt for more pitchers and glasses this weekend so I can make some up to give away as gifts. Created with licensed artwork by: Francesco Cesqo Stefanin – Personal Use

Download SVG Here: Farm Fresh Milk & Dairy Cow

Download Printable PNG Here:Farm Fresh Milk & Dairy Cow

This Design Would Also Look Incredible On:



Kitchen Signs

Burlap Pillows


Tea Towels



Ceramic Bowls




Preview Milk Pitcher & Glass Image Mockup By:Copyright: andreykuzmin / 123RF Stock Photo

SVG Cutting Files

SVG Flower Cutting File

I created these flowers to add some decoration to my garage sale banners found here at The SVG cutting file is layered so you can group it to resize it to whatever size your project calls for. I cut 3 of the center pieces to create the flowers shown in the photo to give them more fluff. You can use more or less pieces, your preference.

I created the banner in the photo for a friend who has a booth at at local vendor store. I just used the SALE part of the banners from the Garage Sale banners. When you are competing with 50 other booths for sales it helps to have eye candy that will attract customers in to your booth so you get the sale. It’s the end of winter and everyone is ready for spring here, and flowers wont’ be blooming for another month or two so these vibrant yellow flowers will draw customers in like bees to honey.

Download Free SVG Cutting File Here:

Layered Flower SVG Cutting File



SVG Craft Cutting Files

Every once in a while I need a cutting file for crafts that I make and I wanted to share the cutting files I have created for others to enjoy too.
You can use these cutting files to create items to sell. I’d love it if you’d give me credit for the template but it’s not required. I will try to add PDF and PNG formats
for those who need a format other than SVG.

Large DIY Necklace Card With Back Pocket Studio V3 – Freebie

This necklace card was created so it could be made on a cutting machine or for cutting out by hand while on the go.

The template design for the PDF prints out the cut and fold lines on your cardstock. There are 3 PDFs with varying degrees of line darkness. This will allow you to have very light thin lines on
the cardstock that won’t show after you cut them out. You can also get 2 sizes from the PDF cards depending on how you select to “print” them. If you choose “fit to page” the will print out to be 4.75″ tall – If you select “actual size” they print out 5″ tall x 3 11/16″ wide.

The beauty of creating these on the Silhouette Cutting Machine is that you can resize them to create your own custom sizes. If you design jewelry you can create custom size cards for each of your designs according to your sizing needs. Commercial use ok so you can also create custom made necklace cards and sell them to your customers.

You will love how quick and easy these are to cut and assemble whether you cut them out by hand or run them through your cutting machine. Import graphics to add designs to your cards and turn them into original works of art. For the handmade there is plenty of space to use ink stamps to add your logo or designs.

Click here to Download Necklace Card SVG

Click here to Download Necklace Card Studio V3

Click here to Download Necklace Card PNG

Click here to Download Necklace Card – 3 PDFs Zip File

Click here to Download Necklace Card – DXF



SVG Sucker Wrap Cutting File – Freebie

The image above is for preview only.
Scroll down to the end of this article to download the full size 300 DPI file
in SVG,PNG, or PDF.

SVG for making cutting files to make sucker wraps for party favors, gifts, etc. This is for the wrap only. The preview images show examples of ways to decorate
the wraps. The skeleton design was purchased at the Silhouette Store. I was able to resize it small enough to fit the cover of the wrap to make treats to hand out for Halloween.

I decorated the wraps above using graphics by Olga Unger (crow and pumpkin) and made them in to 2″ circles, then I added a scalloped border beneath it. When I first made these I was out of ribbon so I improvised and used some twist ties to hold the wrap closed. I picked up some ribbon and decided to leave the twist ties in place (it was one of my lazy moments) and then I made some bows and just hot glued them on to the wrap for added decoration.

Click here to view Sucker Wrap SVG

Click here to Download Sucker Wrap SVG

Click here to view Sucker Wrap PNG

Click here to Download Sucker Wrap PNG
Click here to view Sucker Wrap PDF

Click here to Download Sucker Wrap PDF


I would love to hear how your Necklace Cards with the Back Pocket turned out for you. I am excited to try different graphics out on them. Please share your creative genius with us below in the comments.