farm fresh milk svg

Farm Fresh Milk & Dairy SVG Cutting File

300 DPI SVG File – Resizable to fit your project. Nothing goes better in a country kitchen than cow decor. My husband teases me that he’s going to have to build a barn if I bring home one more cow. I have a lot of signs, pillows, figurines, etc. but was lacking items in my kitchen decorated with cows. Now I have something for my counters and table. I am going on a treasure hunt for more pitchers and glasses this weekend so I can make some up to give away as gifts. Created with licensed artwork by: Francesco Cesqo Stefanin – Personal Use

Download SVG Here: Farm Fresh Milk & Dairy Cow

Download Printable PNG Here:Farm Fresh Milk & Dairy Cow

This Design Would Also Look Incredible On:



Kitchen Signs

Burlap Pillows


Tea Towels



Ceramic Bowls


Preview Milk Pitcher & Glass Image Mockup By:Copyright: andreykuzmin / 123RF Stock Photo


Vinyl Cutting Tips:

Create a stencil design on to the vinyl and paint glassware with specialty glassware paints that are permanent. Some people prefer to have a hand painted design on their dishes vs. vinyl that can come off in the dishwasher. Weed your design. Use transfer paper to transfer the cut out stencil design on to your project – apply paint – let dry – carefully peel off the vinyl stencil. Heat set your paint to cure it by using a heat gun or your hair dryer on high heat for about 5 minutes.


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