Printable Freezer Labels

Strawberry Blossoms Printable Freezer Labels

When the nights are cold and there’s snow on the ground I find myself yearning for Spring to arrive. Nothing reminds me of Spring more than strawberry blossoms sprouting up throughout my garden. Trina Clark captured the pure delight that the butterflies and honey bees feel when they come across a delectable patch of strawberry blossoms. These designs were created with licensed artwork by Trina Walker Clark at Digi ScrapKits

The preview sample above shows how simple it is to write in your package contents and circle the dates.

Click Here To Download Printable PDF trinaclark10pkfreezerlabels

Each PDF has 10 labels measuring approximately 3.75″ W x 2″ H that can be printed out on to sticker paper. Each label has a light grey border around them which makes it easy to cut the labels out since they have a white background.

These labels help keep track of the dates your leftovers or pre-made meals were frozen. I’ve found it comes in handy when rotating items in my freezer that need to be used up first. If you freeze vegetables from your garden it’s nice to have a few packages decorated with labels to give to friends and neighbors that share in your bounty.