Buffalo Plaid Gnome Paperclip Bookmark

But First Hot Cocoa Gnome Christmas Foldover Paperclip Bookmark

Buffalo plaid santa cap wearing holiday gnome standing atop a sign saying But First Hot Cocoa on a buffalo plaid paper background. You can add a Mini TasselCharms, or ribbons to the edge of the paperclip to dangle to decorate your bookmarks. If you are planning to add these in with your letters as happy mail then you will want to use a charm or ribbon to keep it flat so you won’t have to pay extra for shipping. If you are new to making these I have made a step by step video which is posted below that will walk you through the steps to make them. They are super easy and fast to make. Perfect for adding inside your Christmas cards!
Free printable bookmark foldover flags. These were designed to fit the 2″ jumbo paperclips. Download the PDF file and open using Adobe Reader. Print “actual size”. Print these out on to cardstock. I highly recommend using a matte photo paper such as Canon Matte Photo Paper or Epson Brochure and Flyer Paper Matte Double-Sided (S042384)
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These bookmarks are ideal page holders for:
  • Recipe Books
  • Journals
  • Planners
  • Address Books
  • Text Books
  • Catalogs
  • Magazines
  • Hard & Softback Books
  • Writing Pads
  • Diary
  • Children’s Bedtime Story Books
Download the PDF here:
Created with licensed artwork by:
Buffalo Plaid Gnome Paperclip Bookmark
Tips for printing red graphics: For best color print outs you want to print your projects out on to coated paper/cardstock such as the Canon Matte Photo Paper or Epson Brochure and Flyer Paper Matte Double-Sided (S042384) 
When printing out envelopes, card toppers, or projects that do not require a heavy cardstock you can use LD Matte Photo Paper as shown in the photo below
Tip: Print reds on photo paper vs. Uncoated paper.
The image on left is LD Matte Photo Paper. The image on the right is regular paper.
Printing Tips For Vivid Color

Step By Step Video Tutorial

How To Make Foldover Paperclip Bookmarks



I repeated the steps multiple times in the above video by making multiple bookmarks. I’m a visual learner so I need to see how things are made and it takes me more than one viewing so hopefully my method above will be helpful to other visual learners. Thank you so much for taking the time to view the video tutorial.


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