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DIY Print & Cut – Country Teddy Bear Gift Box

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My love for teddy bears has never dwindled over the decades. I wanted to create a cute little party favor – gift box with this teddy bear design by Trina Walker Clark. Each gift box measures 4 1/2″H x 2″W x 2″D. You will love how easy this is to cut out and assemble. Cut the box out by hand with scissors and score on the grey fold lines. There is only one tab which requires tape. I used double sided craft tape that I purchased from China off of Ebay for .79 with free shipping. You can also purchase it at your local craft store. I go through so much that it’s cheaper to order mine from Ebay. The bottom is designed so that the tabs fold over and no tape is required! Once you place your item inside you can tape the top closed or use a hole punch and secure it with ribbon or twine.

This design was created with commercial licensed artwork by:
Trina Clark (Teddy Bear) DigiScrapKits
Country Heart Wreath by OSen via TheHungryJPEG
Gingham Background by PicPixPic via TheHungryJPEG

You will notice the PDF shows as pink but it prints out more in a shade of red like the preview images.

Materials Required:

  • White Card Stock Paper (80 lb. – 110 lb. weight) I used basic white card stock purchased from my local big box store that is 110 lb weight and runs about $5.47 for a ream of 500 sheets.
  • Home Printer
  • Scissors
  • Double Sided Craft Tape
  • Twine or Ribbon
  • Hole Punch

Step One:
Download Printable PDF Here: TeddyBearMilkCarton

Step Two:
Print PDF in landscape mode with “actual size” selected

Step Three:
Cut the outside of the box out from the printed card stock.

Step Four:
Score on the grey lines printed on the design of the teddy bear milk carton.

Step Five:
Fold the carton on the score lines and place double sided tape on the tab where it says “place tape here”
Carefully align your box sides before pressing down on the tape to seal. Fold over the bottom tabs to close the bottom of the carton.

Step Six:
Pinch the top of the carton together and use your hole punch to add 2 holes to run your ribbon or twine through.

Step Seven:
Place your item/s inside the box and then close the top securing it with ribbon or twine.

Multiple Uses For DIY Milk Cartons:

  • Thank You Gifts
  • Party Favors
  • Product Packaging
  • Free Samples
  • Home Baked Snacks

The pkg. size is ideal for filling with small items that don’t look like much on their own but really stand out when displayed in this adorable gift box. If you are hosting a party you always want to thank your guests for sharing their time with you and it’s an added bonus when you can make your own gifts that won’t put a dent in your budget.

Tip: You can make these up in advance (when you have spare time or when the kiddies are fast asleep) and even seal the top of the cartons! Just unfold the tabs on the bottom of the carton, slip your item/s inside and re-fold the bottom tabs.

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