Brighten the day of someone feeling under the weather with our ‘Soup-er Chicken Get Well’ card! This heartwarming A2 printable features a cute and colorful chicken clutching a bowl of steaming soup, accompanied by a cheerful “Get Well Soon” message. It’s the perfect pick-me-up to send a spoonful of comfort and a dash of joy to friends or family in need of a little TLC.

Imagine the warmth it will bring, much like the soup it portrays, to a special someone in need of a smile. The vibrant colors, whimsical design, and loving sentiment are a recipe for making anyone feel better. This free printable get-well card is a handy solution for those times when you want to show you care without having to run to the store. Keep a few of these printables on hand, and you’ll always be ready to spread cheer and show how much you care with just a click and a print. It’s a warm hug on paper, ready to be sent straight from your heart to theirs!

Spruce up your heartfelt messages with our versatile ‘Soup-er Chicken Get Well’ card toppers, conveniently designed as a set of four per standard page. These delightful toppers, once trimmed, fit perfectly atop a ready-made blank A2 card, transforming it into a personalized token of care for anyone feeling a bit down.

For the crafty at heart, you can create your own A2 card base. Simply take a piece of cardstock, measure it to 8.5″ x 5.5″, and fold it in half to create a sturdy, blank canvas ready for your decorative touch. Attach your chosen topper to the front of the card using double-sided craft tape for a smooth, professional finish. With these card toppers in your DIY arsenal, you’re all set to assemble thoughtful, cheerful get-well cards that are sure to lift spirits and bring a cozy smile to anyone in need of a get-well-soon embrace.

I print my card toppers on to Canon Matte Photo Paper and use Double Sided Tape and I use my Canon Megatank Printer to print them.


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Get Well Soon Chicken Holding Soup A2 Card Topper

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Download Here: A2 Card Topper Get Well Chicken Soup Set

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and be sure to select “actual size” when the print dialog box opens. Download PDF Here: A2 Card Topper Get Well Chicken Soup Set



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