emoji bunny easter box printable

Free Easter Emoji Bunny Box Printable Pink

Adorable emoji bunny rabbits decorate these printable Easter Favor Boxes. The hot pink background really makes the emoji pop out from a distance. The top flap of the box has a white label shape adorned with a colorful polka dot Easter egg where you can write a message or name to personalize it. This printable is available as a free PDF download. Measures approximately 2.75″W x 1.5″D x 3″H when cut out and assembled.

Print these out on to white card stock paper or take them to a photo center and let them print them out for you on to white card stock. There are light colored scoring lines in the design to guide you in creating the fold lines for these treat boxes. These are quick and easy to cut out and assemble. There is only one flap on the side that requires double sided glue or tape. The bottom flaps just fold in to create a secure closure.

These are for personal use only.

This printable was created with licensed artwork by:

PrettyGrafik Design (Emoji Bunny Rabbits)

MyriadDigitalPaper (Background Papers)


Download Free Printable Here: Pink Emoji Bunny Box


Free Easter Emoji Bunny Box Printable Blue


Download Free Printable Here: Blue Emoji Bunny Box



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