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DIY Print & Cut Welcome To Our Fire Pit Starters

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Stock up by making a dozen for starting quick campfires all summer long.

I look forward to spending time outdoors sitting by the fire with my friends and family. Sometimes we gather around the fire pit out on the deck and other times we build a campfire down by the lake. What I don’t enjoy is the hassle of getting a fire started. My husband’s favorite way of starting a camp fire is by pouring a whole bottle of charcoal lighter fluid on the wood pile. Everyone has to stand back for about a half hour while the flames die down.

I prefer starting a fire with what I call tame flames which usually consists of me rolling newspaper logs and spending a lot of time nurturing the flames to ignite the kindling. I confess we haven’t had a newspaper subscription for quite some time and the only time I buy them anymore is during garage sale season for their listings. Hence, I have a very low supply of newspapers on hand anymore.

During the winter months we usually have a stock of fatwood on hand to start fires in the fireplace but it can be next to impossible to find it in the stores around here when we run out. You’d think the stores would keep it in stock during the winter months, but alas every single year they don’t keep fatwood stocked on the shelves. I’ve tried ordering it online but it’s a hit and miss. Especially price-wise. This shortage led me to do an online search on how to make my own fire starters. Who knew there were so many ways to start a fire?

My favorite method was to dip cotton balls in paraffin wax, wrap them in waxed paper, and light the paper. This method is ideal for creating a 10 minute burn time fire starter which should be enough time to start any fire, even with green wood. I did a test fire and it was a success! Yes, I did a little happy dance because I was so excited. It doesn’t take much to amuse me these days, does it? The best part was I had all the supplies on hand and didn’t need to make a mad dash to the store. For my first batch I cheated and used a paraffin candle I’ve had for decades (we all have those stashed around the house for power outages). I’m not sure what I was thinking, but I used a pair of tweezers to dip the cotton balls in the melted wax. It was entertaining if nothing else when the wax built up on the tweezers and the cotton balls got stuck in them. I ditched the tweezers and switched to wearing a pair of food gloves I use in the kitchen for cooking. Success! One final step was left for me to have the perfect fire starter and that was to slip a candle wick inside so I could light it safely. Wax paper flames up and burns fast so I wanted something that would give me time to get my hands back before it flames up.

All the hard work was done and I had a nice pile of fire starters but there was one BIG problem. I couldn’t get over the fact that I had made what looked like a huge pile of homemade tampons! Eek! It’s all good until I’m entertaining company and have them laying out on the deck to start the fire pit with. I decided to create a package to conceal them in. That is when I came up with this amazing “Welcome To Our Fire Pit” printable package. I wish I’d had a couple dozen of these on hand back when I went camping!

Step One – Creating Package:

  • Download Printable PDF
  • Cut out with scissors
  • Score grey lines (folding lines)
  • Put double sided craft tape on left tab
  • Fold sides and seal
  • Fold over bottom tabs to close package

Step Two – How To Make Fire Pit Starters

  • Melt paraffin wax or your preferred wax in a glass jar that is heat proof (won’t break when hot)
  • Place a strip of parchment paper on a cookie sheet
  • Dip cotton balls in to melted wax and place on parchment paper to cool
  • Once cotton balls are cooled wrap 3 in waxed paper like a tootsie roll.
  • Cut candle wicks into 3 inch strips and dip the end into the melted wax, then insert into your roll of cotton balls leaving about 2 1/2″ sticking out from the roll.

Preview of PDF Below

Welcome To Our Fire Pit



Fire Pit Starter Packaging measures 4 1/2″H x 2″W x 2″D when assembled. Print on to 8.5″H x 11″W 110 lb. card stock paper.
Download Free Printable PDF Here: FireStarter (Personal Use)

Welcome to our fire pit. Where friend and marshmallows get toasted at the same time Design was created with licensed artwork by Creative Fabrica Craft
Pattern designs used to create this printable are licensed artwork by: Michelle Alzola and AMB Pattern Designs

If you plan to go camping this summer be sure to make a dozen or so to pack in your camper. Take the hassle out of starting fires in your fire pit this summer. Light the wick, sit back and grab a cold drink and enjoy the fire! It just doesn’t get any easier than that.

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