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Adopt A Rescue Dog

These custom photo balloons are perfect for promoting your rescue dogs available for adoption and are available for purchase at Zazzle you can add individual photos of each dog looking for a new forever home.

Adopt Don’t Shop

Contact businesses throughout your city and request that they sponsor a rescue dog by donating the funds for a custom photo balloon to promote “their sponsor dog” to display in their store or business. We all need to do our part in finding these loving pets a secure loving home and the best way to do that is to promote them in places where they can be seen frequently to remind everyone they are out there waiting for their forever home.

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If you are holding a fundraising event the 6″ table top balloons with suction cups on the bottom are ideal for table centerpieces. Display photos of your available pets on the front of each balloon and your shelter’s name and contact information on the back. These are easy to edit by selecting “personalize this template” design by filling in the blank boxes with your info and uploading your own photo to replace the sample photograph.

Zazzle is always running sales so be sure to sign up for their emails to receive their latest sale prices. I signed up for Zazzle Black so I get free shipping all year long. It’s only $9.95 which basically pays for itself if you order frequently.

Custom photo balloons are available for purchase at Zazzle you can add individual photos of each dog looking for a new forever home.


Buffalo Plaid Fundraiser Balloons

fundraiser donations adopt a dog photo balloon

I added a second design that can be found here: Buffalo Plaid Adopt Don’t Shop Balloon


Free Editable Printable PDF Set of 6 Stickers

free printable sticker


free printable stickers


Free Printable Stickers

6 pk 3 Inch Circle Stickers Download Here: adopt-don’t-shop-3-inch-stickers-6pk2 Open PDF in the latest version of Adobe Reader (available for free download)

Create promotional products for your charity fundraiser for your favorite Animal Shelter or Dog Rescue. Print out on to full sheet sticker paper. These also work great on printable magnet paper. The 3″ Sticker fits perfectly on the lids to the tin canisters they sell in the office supply section at The Dollar Tree.



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