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Free Printable Tip Jar Sticker

Over the years I’ve seen some really cute tip jars and thought I would create a fun sticker for those in the workforce that rely on good tips to make a decent living.
I always stuff a couple extra bills into jars on the bar or at the register when I see one that makes me laugh. Especially for carry out since a server has taken the time
to take my phone order and then package up my meal for me. I’ve also seen some really cute tip jars at the beauty salon! Whether you work in a field that receives tips or are
a stay at home mom saving up for a spa day, this will surely entice people to dig into their pockets for some spare cash to donate to your jar!

Place this adorable Tip Jar Sticker on your tip jar at work. Who could resist stuffing the jar with a few loose bills? You’ll be rolling in dough!!

printable tip jar sticker




Sticker created with licensed artwork by memoangeles – Envato Marketplace
Wood texture in preview image created by Irene Zeleskou – ftourini
The sticker has a thin dark border along the edges to follow with your scissors and is simple to cut out. They print out well on printable vinyl or sticker paper. I prefer to use the printable vinyl because it is
also waterproof!

This Tip Jar Sticker is available to download in full page size (big enough to slap on a bucket) or Quart Sized to fit any canning jar or pickle jar you might have laying around.

Full Page Sticker
Quart Sized Sticker 2 Pack