Printable Deer Stationery Paper

Woodland Animals Camo Printable Stationery Paper

Minimal ink stationery designed with a watercolor deer over a newsprint mask with a camouflage border. This stationery prints out on to a full size 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of printer paper. You can print the PDF to print off a stack of stationery to hand write your letters or use the JPG file to insert into your Word program as the background and type your letters.

I was browsing Etsy for designs when I came across a very talented artist, Amalie Roepstorff who has given me permission to use her artwork in my designs here on If you love her artwork as much as I do you can visit her art at her Etsy Shop I love wildlife and her artwork is just what I was looking for to create this woodland theme set of printable paper. 

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Woodland Deer Printable Stationery Page

deer camo printable stationery

Download PDF Here: deer-stationery
Download JPG Here: Deer JPG
Download 8.5 x 11 Lined Paper PDF Here: deer-stationery-lined
Personal Use Only

I could watch wildlife all day long.  The deer in our neighborhood are plentiful since we have an abundance of food sources for them throughout the entire year. I’ve learned that planting a garden is impossible unless of course I want to plant one for wildlife alone because they harvest the plants as soon as they sprout from beneath the ground. I think it was a tie between the deer and the rabbits the last time I attempted to plant a garden. 

We have different varieties of oak trees on our land and it attracts the deer every fall and winter. During the heavy snow season the herd will actually bed down at the bottom of our hill and spend their days harvesting all the nuts below the fallen snow.  

Woodland Raccoon Printable Stationery Page

printable raccoon stationery

Download PDF Here: raccoon-stationery
Download JPG Here: Raccoon JPG
Download 8.5 x 11 Lined Paper PDF Here: raccoon-stationery-lined
Personal Use Only

Raccoons – It’s a love hate relationship. We’ve purchased all of the “raccoon proof” garbage cans that were ever invented. Give a raccoon enough time and they will overcome any obstacle put before him. Short of installing padlocks on the lids, they will find a way in. I think they are very intelligent creatures and should never be underestimated. 

We started putting suet feeders out for the birds and discovered that it was like candy for raccoons. My son in law suggested we try putting shepherd’s hooks in the yard to hang the suet feeders from but that was a no go. I was curious to see how they were getting to the feeders so we set a game camera up outside and recorded the little bandits in action. It was hilarious, I don’t remember ever laughing that hard in all my life. They had no problem climbing the pole and hanging upside down with their back legs while grabbing on to the feeder with their front paws. Raccoons are natural born gymnasts. The fun begins when the other three in the group want the “candy” and climb up to push the others off the pole, once the top raccoon falls it just joins back in on the bottom of the lineup climbing back up to the top. It was like they were riding a conveyor belt at the grocery store. Lesson learned, we began bringing the suet feeders in at night. Problem solved. 

We’ve all heard the stories of raccoons raiding hen houses for their fresh eggs but did you know that they also covet freshly laid turtle eggs? Our lake has an abundance of snapping turtles and paint turtles. I’ve counted as many as 50 to 60 of the little ones sunning themselves on top of lily pads. In fact, if you toss a fishing line in you catch as many turtles on your line if not more than fish. My first year here at the wetland lake ( no sandy beach shore line) I planted my garden at the bottom of the hill for plenty of sunshine. The turtles took full advantage of the freshly tilled dirt and laid their eggs throughout my garden. Well, it turned out to be an all you can eat raccoon buffet. I don’t think a single egg survived that year. There were hundreds of broken egg shells scattered all over my garden. I was mortified at the sight of it all and never planted my garden down there again. 

Mockup preview by: HisariDS

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