Toilet Paper Apocolypse

Will Trade Crafts For Toilet Paper

Free Printable Stationery

Out of toilet paper? No problem, just trade your crafts for a free roll. Free printable stationery toilet paper humor. Full page PDF

This design was inspired by my unsuccessful search for toilet paper. The stores here where I live are all sold out, the shelves are barren and if they are able to restock they sell out before I can get back to town to buy any. I live 20 minutes from the nearest store. 

No problem! We live in the digital age now and I can just hop on to Amazon and buy a case. Well that never happened either. All sold out. I thought I was a genius when I decided to search for flushable wipes. Obviously I was the last one to come up with that idea because those were sold out too. 

One of my dear friends that lives an hour and a half away ran to the store down the road from her and found me a 4 pack! OMG it was like winning the freakin’ lottery! I scored toilet paper. I told her I would gladly trade some crafts and printed stationery to her for the toilet paper. 

Not soon after another one of my friends from a Craft group I belong to was saying she couldn’t wait until next weeks wishes because people would most likely be asking for toilet paper. The ironic part is I’ve actually mailed toilet paper as “naked mail” and as gag gifts. Boy, I bet they are happy to have that spare roll now!

Here is the hilarious free printable that you can write to your friends and pen pals on to bring a little laughter to their day. Even those of us getting ready to use the garden hose in lieu of toilet paper or a bidet find humor in this. 

Print out on to regular size copy paper 8.5″ x 11″

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Out Of Toilet Paper Will Trade Crafts For Toilet Paper

Will Trade Crafts For Toilet Paper Stationery

Download Here: Will-Trade-Crafts-For-Toilet-Paper-Stationery

Will Trade Crafts For Toilet Paper 

Printable Tag Inserts

Out Of Toilet Paper Will Trade Crafts For Toilet Paper

Download the PDF HERE: Will-Trade-Crafts-For-Toilet-Paper-Tag-Insert-Set


Created with papers by Erin Bradley Designs

and Clipart by



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