auntumn fall printable paper stationery

Printable Pumpkin Patch Stationery

8.5 x 11 printable PDF for writing all of your fall and autumn letters, newsletters, or to type up your grocery list while shopping for your big Thanksgiving feast. This design was created to use minimal ink while still adding a full design to your printed paper. 

If you’d like to type your letter, insert the 8.5 x 11 inch JPG into your Word software program. Set the image as the background so you will be able to type your text on top of the image. When you get to the bottom of the stationery where the image is and it’s not even, you can insert a text box which will keep your text from being on top of the image. 

Fall is my favorite time of the year to decorate with cornstalks, pumpkins, wreaths, and colorful leaves. I wanted to create a design depicting the long time tradition of going to the pumpkin patch to select pumpkins for the holiday when I came across this adorable vintage truck with a bed full of pumpkins. Thanksgiving has to have a turkey in my opinion so I added the little turkey standing on the fender of the pickup for an added touch. 

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autumn fall pumpkin patch printable paper stationery

Download PDF Here: autumn-fall-pumpkin-patch-stationery
Download JPG Here: Pumpkin Patch JPG
Download 8.5 x 11 Lined Paper PDF Here: greatful-pumpkin-truck-lined
Personal Use Only

This design was created with licensed clipart by Pumpkin Patch Truck Clipart – ©MyClipArtStore: |

Turkey Clipart By: DorkyPrints

Envelope Mockup Designed by / Freepik

Clipboard Mockup Designed by


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