Primitive Crow Sign

Free Printable Primitive Crow Kitchen Sign

My two favorite things all wrapped up in one! This design is available as a 8.5″ W x 11″ H printable PDF.  You can put it in a document frame which fits the full sheet or you can trim it down to put in an 8″ x 10″ frame.

I love crows! They are my favorite bird to watch and give treats to. I could sit and watch them all day long and listen to their caws. It’s quite an honor when they offer up a treasured trinket they’ve collected and decide to share with you. Thus, my love for crows. They are so intelligent and friendly once a trust has been built. We have a friend that would drive to town and his crow buddy would fly right along with him as he drove and then would circle above waiting on him while he was in the store until it was time for their return trip home. To be cherished by a crow like that is a true blessing.

This primitive design was created with licensed artwork by Casey L. Faricelli


Download Free Printable PDF Here: Olde Crow Coffee Sign

Commercial Use OK



Primitive Crow Mason Jar Labels

I created a mason jar label with the same design as in the printable sign. I have a stash of mason jars in my craft room so I grabbed one and created a label for it. I can have it out on the counter now and it fits in with the rest of my primitive kitchen theme. Nothing sticks out more than a red plastic coffee container, if you know what I mean, so I keep it stashed away in the cabinet.

Free mason jar labels

Keep in mind my cell phone doesn’t take the greatest photos, but I just had to share it with you! The lid wasn’t very pretty so I grabbed a paper lunch sack and set a saucer on it to trace a circle and cut out the topper to place over the lid of the jar. I wrinkled the paper a little to add a touch of prim to it before tying it off with some black jute cord that I just happened to pick up at a garage sale last weekend. I remember saying at the time that I’d find a good use for it.

These labels measure 4″W x 3.5″H – There are 4 per sheet

Download Printable PDF Mason Jar Labels Here: 4pkCrowCoffeeLabels

Commercial Use OK

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Preview Photo Frame Mockup by: Copyright: 4max / 123RF Stock Photo

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