heartworm medicine reminder printable envelope

Heartworm Medicine Monthly Reminder

Free printable reminder that you can use every month to keep track of the exact date each of your fur babies have taken their medication. Some dogs take their medicine better than other dogs. I have a mini dachshund and a labrador retriever, can you guess which one runs off to hide at medicine time?

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Every dachshund owner learns over time it’s a game of outwitting and persistence when it comes to getting your adorable little fur baby to do anything they’ve set their little minds against doing. Having a schedule and reminders set on my phone are helpful but I still needed to come up with a way to trick my little genius into thinking he was getting a special treat so he’d climb out from hiding under the bed.

Let the mind games begin! How I tricked my fur baby into taking his meds.

Hook & loop fasteners (better known as velcro) make a loud noise when you open anything it’s adhered to. I applied self adhesive hook and loop fasteners to the inside flap of the envelope to keep it sealed but also for the sound effects it makes. The next step was to slip a couple of his favorite treats in the envelope and get him used to getting a reward when he hears the special sound the envelope makes when it opens. I started out by just having a few treats in the envelope and periodically opening the envelope training him to come running at the sound of it opening. Now all I have to do is slip a couple of his favorite treats in the envelope along with the chewable pill each month. I no longer have to beg him to come out from under the bed at medicine time, he comes running to me!


Download small printable envelope below:
The small envelope measures approximately 4 1/8″H x 2 5/8″W

Download large printable envelope below:
The large envelope measures approximately 5.25″H x 3.25″W

Instructions for making printable envelope:

These work best when printed on to LD Heavy Coated Matte Photo Paper 100 pack – (High Resolution) which is usually on sale for $5.49 a pkg. This paper is the perfect weight for making envelopes and it holds up to the wear and tear of using the envelope over an extended period of time.

  1. Print PDF out onto 8.5″W x 11″H matte photo paper or card stock
  2. Cut out along the outside cutting lines.
  3. Score the inside score lines and fold.
  4. Apply a thin line of glue on the inside flap that has the “Date Given”
  5. Fold over the flap with the glue on top of the larger flap. Press to seal.
  6. Apply a thin line of glue on the inside bottom flap then fold up and press to seal the bottom of the envelope shut.
  7. Apply self adhesive hook & loop fasteners or self adhesive magnetic snaps to the inside top flap to create a reusable envelope.

These envelopes are for personal use only.

Created with licensed artwork by BlueRingMedia & tartila via Graphicriver.net


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