printable pen pal letter tracker

Printable Pen Pal Letter Tracker

Keep track of who’s turn it is to write. Life gets busy with work, the kids, family, etc. You can’t remember if you wrote a letter back to your pen pal after you received their last letter. Worry no more! Print this letter tracker out and place it in a binder to keep track of incoming and outgoing letters.

Print out on to 8.5″W x 11″H printer paper (front and back) and use a 3 hole punch on the left side of the print out so that you may place your tracker in a 3 ring binder or folder.

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The left column has 16 entry spots for sent/received letters. Three right hand columns have space for your pen pals mailing address, special dates, and notes. In the notes section you can keep track of items they collect, their favorite hobbies, etc. 

I printed out a sheet for each of my pen pals and I have them all filled out and in a 3 ring binder. This tracker takes the stress out of remembering who’s turn it is to write and keeps me on track to reply to my friends in a timely manner. When I receive a letter in the mail, I open my binder and write in the date the letter was received so I don’t get distracted and forget to write it down. I also use a different color ink for the “received” letters than I use for the letters I send out. 

When I get time to write letters to my pen pals, I flip through my binder to see who I owe letters to. After I have the letters written, in envelopes with stamps, and ready to be mailed out I enter the date “sent” on to my pen pal tracker list for each outgoing letter. 

Download Printable Pen Pal Tracker Here: PenPal-Letters-Tracker


Printable Pen Pal Letter Tracker


This is a sample view of a sheet filled in with information. I also decorate my sheets with washi tape and stickers just like I decorate my journals. The decorating possibilities are endless and so much fun!



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