mushroom hunting parking permit joke


Download Printable PDF: Mushroom Hunting Permit

Mushroom Hunting Prank

There’s nothing worse during mushroom season than someone spotting your vehicle parked beside the road and they figure that must be the golden spot to hunt. Before you know it,  there are a half dozen carloads of hunters invading your favorite hunting location. Print this out on to white card stock. Slip this phony parking permit on your rear view mirror or slip it under your windshield wipers to elude the “would be” invaders away from your spot. It will leave them worried their car will be towed for parking there without a permit. Each permit measures approximately 7″H x 4″W when printed. If your best friend is a tow truck driver bring him along on your next hunt and have him bring his tow truck for “added effect” and a ton of laughs.  These are faux permits and for entertainment purposes only.

This design was created with licensed artwork by:  Robert A. Di Ieso

Choose alternate colors below:

Download Printable PDF: Blue Permit

Download Printable PDF: Green Permit

Download Printable PDF: Kraft Permit

Download Printable PDF: Grey Permit

Download Printable PDF: Pink Permit

Download Printable PDF: Yellow Permit

If you have a funny story to share after using these printable permits please drop us a comment below and share your story!

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