Sassy Hens Egg Handling Labels

Transform your egg cartons into a playful and memorable experience for your customers with our humorous “Laid Fresh by Sassy Hens” labels. These labels are designed to bring a smile to their face and a touch of sass to their breakfast tables. Our sassy hens may have a mischievous streak, but they’re serious about their eggs! We proudly declare, “No Antibiotics or Hormones. Our sassy hens insist on the finest feed sold on this planet, so rest assured you will be receiving the highest quality eggs possible.” With these labels, you’re not just selling eggs; you’re selling eggs with attitude and an uncompromising commitment to quality. Enjoy a dash of humor and a whole lot of flavor with our sassy hens’ fresh eggs!

This PDF is designed to print out on to Avery 3 x 3 Inch Square Labels or a compatible brand that is $5.00 less Premium Label Supply 3 x 3 Inch Square Labels

If you already have custom stickers for your eggs you can print these egg handling instructions off on to cardstock to hand out with the sale of your eggs. I highly recommend printing out on to Canon Matte Photo Paper

Download Sassy Hens Egg Handling Labels Here: Sassy Hens Egg Label Set 3 Inch Square Avery 2231 

At the time of posting I did a trademark search and there were no trademarks using “Sassy Hens” 



Sassy Hen Crew

In the coop, there’s a sassy hen crew,

Laying eggs like it’s something they just have to do.

With feathers all fluffed and a twinkle in their eye,

They’re on a mission to lay, oh so high!


One hen wears a top hat, a real dandy bird,

She says, “These eggs I lay are simply absurd!”

Another wears pearls, oh, what a sight,

She clucks, “These eggs are pure dynamite!”


They gossip and strut, these hens with sass,

Laying eggs like it’s a top-notch class.

With attitude aplenty and a squawk so loud,

They’re the fanciest layers in the chicken crowd.


So when you gather eggs with laughter and cheer,

Know these sassy hens are the reason they’re here.

In the coop, they’re the queens of the egg-laying game,

And their eggs are known for their Sassy Hens name!


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