Prim Blessings Holiday Kraft Gift Tags

Prim Blessings Holiday Kraft Gift Tags

Free Printable Primitive Ice Skates

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Some of my fondest winter memories are hanging out with the neighborhood kids down at Haupert’s Pond. I grew up in a small rural farming community and Haupert’s Pond was right next door to Chester Elementary School. Once winter arrived with blowing snow and cold temperatures all the kids would grab their ice skates, toboggans, sleds, and head off to the pond. The scenery was a sight to behold. Rolling hills with snow forts built by the boys, kids sliding down the hills on their sleds zipping past ice skaters, while dodging snowballs being tossed in every direction.

I never did learn how to ice skate. Probably due to the fact that I was a major klutz and my balancing skills on two feet left something to be desired, let alone on any type of skates.
I envy everyone who ice skates and could spend hours watching as they gracefully glide around on the ice. As for me, I’ll stick to decorating with ice skates during the holidays so I can keep my bones intact and not hop around on crutches for the duration of winter.

These tags measure approximately 3.5″H x 1.97″W. There are 10 tags per printable PDF Sheet. These print out with a primitive looking kraft background paper with black line art of a primitive ice skate and Prim Blessings word art.


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Download Here: 10pkPrimBlessingsHolidayTag
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These tags were created with licensed art work by Spencerian Sisters via the complete license via TheyHungryJPEG.  This clipart was part of The Christmas Wonderland Bundle being offered until November 19, 2017

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