I Discovered My Wallet Is Out Of Order

Excuses To Stay Home

Sorry I can’t make it…

I discovered my wallet is out of order so I’ve decided to stay home.

When you’re strapped for cash and don’t want to tell the world how broke you are this excuse is the ideal way to say you can’t afford to go out. Unless of course you have an electronic wallet that spits out cash like an ATM machine.

funny excuse

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Bucket of Chicken

I don’t feel like cooking dinner tonight. Please pick up a bucket of chicken on your way home. Thank You!

Save the animation to your smartphone or tablet and send it in messenger or add image to your text message. Animation also works in email messages.

Funny Bring Home Bucket of Chicken Animation:

Buffalo Wings animation

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Funny Animations

Funny Urgent Memo Animations For Instant Messages on Smartphones & Social Media

They say that necessity is the mother of all inventions. I created these funny animations for those nights when I’ve had a busy day and I’m either too pooped to cook or I’m feeling especially lazy and don’t really feel like cooking. I tested the Bring Home Pizza animation out by saving it to my smartphone, then I sent it to my daughter who absolutely loved it. I was pretty excited about the new design so I also sent the pizza one to my husband. I kept busy creating new dinner choices in the animations when my husband arrived home from work — carrying a pizza!! Woo Hoo! It really works!

Don’t Feel Like Cooking Tonight:

Click the links below to download the full size GIF animation for you to  send to your friends and family via social media instant messages, phone texts, or email.

Bring Home Pizza
Bring Home Cheeseburgers
Bring Home Chinese Takeout
Bring Home Buffalo Wings
Bring Home Bucket Of Chicken
Bring Home Sushi