DIY Happy Easter Gift Box

Pastel Watercolor Flowers & Easter Chicks Gift Box

This is my favorite Easter printable. The design is done in pastel colors on a white background which takes very little ink from your printer. You can print off a dozen and it barely uses any ink! The treat boxes measure approximately 2.75″W x 1.5″D x 3″H when cut and and assembled. There are light grey folding lines on the box that do not show when the box is folded and assembled. There is only one tab on this box that takes glue or double sided tape to secure the sides. These are so simple to make you can have a couple dozen cut out and folded in a jiffy.

This design was created with licensed artwork by:

Easter Chicks: PrimsydoodleDesigns

Watercolor Flowers: Lolly’s Lane Shoppe purchased at

Happy Mother’s Day Gift Box – DIY

Free Printable Mother’s Day PDF

Printable Mother’s Day Watercolor Gift Box:

This design is created with pastel watercolor flowers and word art. The box background is on white so there are light grey folding guide lines printed on the box. Once folded the lines do not show. The white background brings out the pastel colors that make this gift box absolutely stunning. These DIY boxes would also be ideal for gifting handmade jewelry.

Quick and easy to cut out and fold on the fold lines – measures approximately 3 1/2″H x 3″W x 1 1/2″D  Fill with homemade candy, brownies, or small cookies. This is a nice sized box that many small but precious gifts will fit in it. Print on to white card stock paper.

Cut the box shape out using scissors and then fold on the fold lines that are printed on the box. I was able to print, cut, and fold this box in under 2 minutes. I used double sided tape on the inside flap. That is the only place it needs adhered.

Credits: The watercolor flowers are a licensed clipart by Lolly’s Lane Shoppe purchased at TheHungryJPEG

To Download the printable PDF click here: Mother’s Day Gift Box PDF

To Download transparent PNG click here: Mother’s Day Gift Box PNG

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