Free SVG Slot Machine Jackpot Design

Lucky Slot Machine Design I’m Here For The Jackpot SVG

Free Slot Machine SVG

Funny & Humorous Slot Machine SVG Design to wear on your next trip to the Casino.

Whether you are traveling in a group or going solo to try your luck at your favorite slots this shirt just might be your lucky ticket to bringing home the jackpot!

If you’ve ever gone to a Bingo Hall one of the first things you notice is everyone unpacking all their “lucky” charms to place on the table beside their cards and dobbers. When it comes to Casinos most lucky charms are a favorite shirt or outfit.

You can use this design on:

  • T-shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Jackets
  • Tank Tops
  • Sweatshirts
  • Tote Bags

We are planning a trip to the Casino soon and I am going to wear my favorite lucky tshirt with this design on it. Let’s see if I can get my picture wearing it on their Winner’s Page! I’m in love with the Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl sold in bundles at Amazon.

Download Free SVG Here: Slot Machine SVG

(personal use only)

This design was created with licensed artwork by: sahua d

Preview Mockup by: Jeneva at Creative Market

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Free Funny Dusting Quote Home Decor SVG Cutting File

My lack of dusting skills will finally pay off at Halloween!

I Love this saying! As a crafter who lives in the country and likes to have the windows open for fresh air….the downside is all the dust that blows in. I mean seriously, where the heck does it all come from? One day everything is nice and shiny and the next you need a snow shovel to scoop it all up. Forget the dust cloth!

This SVG cutting file is perfect for displaying on a wall, a wood sign, or to create a stack of funny dust cloths.


This SVG design is 300 DPI so you can resize it to suit your needs.

Design created with licensed artwork by Shabnam Salek

Licensed Handwritten Font = Gumption found here: TheHungryJPEG


Download this SVG here: Funny Dusting SVG – Personal Use Only




Preview design background is by:Copyright: kritchanut / 123RF Stock Photo